The Company

Andrew Porter Fine Clothiers, offers manufactured, custom, and tailored clothing to men, “Who appreciate a quality Garment?” After years of market research, training, and consultation, Andrew Porter Fine Clothiers opened in Indianapolis, IN, July 2003.

Andrew Porter Fine Clothiers offers an array of refined garments for men and women. Our goal is enhancing the well being of our customers by consulting and assisting them in selecting their mode of dress for any occasion. This enables our customers to exude a feeling of self-confidence about their personal style.

Andrew Porter Fine Clothiers is dedicated to providing you with the fines merchandise that money can buy. We specialize in high-end brands of clothing and high quality fashion, manufactured from the finest mills in Italy, and the USA. We also offer Custom Suit and shirt program, tailored to fit all sizes.

Andrew Porter Fine Clothiers is dedicated to developing long lasting relationships with our clients, employees, and our community, with our hands on approach and our desire to continue to give back